Equify accelerates equity grants.

Equify cuts the time required to exchange services for equity from weeks to minutes, and cuts the cash cost from thousands of dollars to hundreds. Our startup-friendly SOAR Agreement was created by a team of startup experts, elite attorneys, serial entrepreneurs, and tax experts. Equify keeps meticulous records so that you don’t have to. We know the needs of startups and their partners, and have created a set of legal documents that meet compliance requirements so that you can sleep well at night.

Equify helps founders.

We make it easy for founders and companies to pay service providers (advisors, coders, designers, lawyers, accountants, etc) part or all of their fees with equity. This allows founders to focus on growing their business, and gives them access to the best startup services. 

Equify helps service providers.

Service providers who use Equify can participate in the upside of promising clients, expand their customer base, and offer discounted cash fees while not lowering rates or deferring fees.

Remember David Choe?

Many service providers have benefited from accepting equity as payment. One of the more dramatic examples is David Choe, the graffiti artist who painted the headquarters for a fledging company called thefacebook.com in 2005. Choe billed Facebook $60,000. Facebook wanted to preserve its cash, and offered Choe payment in stock options, which he accepted. In 2012 when Facebook went public, Choe’s shares were valued at over $200 million.

Equify makes this type of transaction fast and easy, aligning the interests of startups and the service providers who support their rise.